Coronavirus Sanitizing and Disinfecting

Coronavirus Sanitizing and Disinfecting

Helping Families and Businesses Stay Healthy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Thank you for your interest in Steamers Cleaners. During these uncertain times, we understand that many of our customers have questions about our services and the steps we are taking to ensure their safety and that of our employees.

Our teams are actively monitoring communications from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”), the World Health Organization (“WHO”), PA’s Department of Health, and federal agencies to ensure that we are operating consistent with the latest guidance to contain the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19.

Steamers Cleaners is introducing a new cleaning product into all of our standard cleaning processes. This product is an EPA Registered antimicrobial/antiviral disinfectant that meets the EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2 when used on hard/non-porous surfaces like walls, floors, countertops, sinks, toilets, exterior surfaces of an appliance, drinking fountains, tables, chairs, etc.

Steamers Cleaners helps Pittsburgh businesses and families stay free of COVID-19/Coronavirus by using approved antiviral disinfectants

This product has also been demonstrated to be the highly effective cleaner of soft/porous surfaces—including carpet, rugs, and upholstery—when used in connection with our proprietary and industry-leading cleaning equipment. Steamers Cleaners is offering daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly sanitizing and disinfecting services.

Please call or text 412-303-2746 if you have any questions, concerns or would like to make an appointment to help keep your family/business safe from COVID-19.

Serving Pittsburgh and Surrounding Areas, Call/Text Steamers Cleaners and We’ll Keep Your Family/Business Safe and Healthy